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4 Fall Maintenance Projects Seniors Should Get Done

Elder Care Westchase, FL: Fall Maintenance
Elder Care Westchase, FL: Fall Maintenance

Fall is on the way and with it will be some bad weather and cooler temperatures. Now is the perfect time for seniors that are aging in place to make sure that their homes are ready for the changing weather. Making sure that your senior loved one’s home is ready for the upcoming winter is one way that you can help your senior parent stay safe at home as they get older. Home maintenance projects that you or your senior loved one should do during the fall include things like:

Checking Walkways And Driveways

When walkways and driveways get covered with leaves in the autumn those leaves can hide cracks and uneven patches. Slippery leaves and uneven walkways could be very hazardous for seniors, especially for seniors that use canes or walkers. It’s a good idea to sweep off all the walkways and the driveway and check them for any cracks or damage that needs to be repaired. You can prevent a serious fall by making sure that those walkways and the driveway are even level ground that seniors can walk on safely. 

Turn On The Heat 

It might seem crazy to turn on the heat when the summer is still in full swing but now is the best time to make sure that the heat is working properly. That way if the furnace needs to be repaired you can have it fixed before it gets cold. If you and your senior loved one wait until it’s cold to check the furnace they might need to wait for days until a repair person can come fix any problems because they get very busy in the fall. If you check the heat now your senior loved one can get any repairs done immediately. 

Change Air Filters

If your senior loved one has elder care now is the time to have the elder care provider change the air filter in the furnace and check any other air filters in the house. Be replacing the air filters regularly your senior loved one can avoid a lot of problems with the HVAC and other essential household systems. It’s also important for seniors with lung disease or breathing problems to change the air filters regularly to improve the air quality inside the house. 

Change The Batteries in Smoke Detectors

When was the last time that the batteries were changed in the smoke detectors in your senior parent’s home? Hopefully it was in the spring. But regardless of when those batteries were changed last the fall is a good time to change them. Many seniors and their families make it a habit to change those batteries in the fall and in the spring like clockwork. That way you can and your senior loved one can be sure the batteries are working. If your senior loved one has a CO2 detector those batteries should also be changed. And if your senior loved one’s home has a rechargeable motion sensor light or smart doorbell it’s a good time to charge those devices.

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