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How to Practice Self Care as a Senior

24-Hour Home Care in Riverview, FL: Self Care
24-Hour Home Care in Riverview, FL: Self Care

The majority of older folks spend their lives caring for their children, grandchildren, and even their grandchildren’s children. They had been so used to putting the needs of others above their own that self-care was alien to them. However, during senior years, self-care is something that should not be put off. Self-care is attending to one’s physical, mental, and emotional health to become a better version of oneself.

Not all seniors can manage taking care of themselves, and it can be hard to allow them to age in place. This is when 24-hour home care comes in handy for a senior living independently. 24-hour home care professionals will help ensure that a senior can eat, sleep, and drink when they’re supposed to. This may give your seniors some breathing room to practice their own self-care if they can manage it. 

Practices to Focus on Self Care as a Senior

Here are some things you can encourage your senior mom or dad to start doing that will help them create healthy habits. If your senior parent decides they like these practices, their 24-hour home care professional can help ensure it becomes part of their daily routine. 

Eating Healthy

Skipping meals or snacking on unhealthy foods might soothe the spirit but is detrimental to one’s health. It may throw your physical and mental health into a downward spiral, making it difficult to operate effectively. Additionally, seniors must hydrate themselves daily. Therefore, aim to consume eight to ten glasses of water every day. Carbonated and sugary drinks have a detrimental impact on the brain and cognition.

Get Out in Nature as Much as Possible

Although Facebook is one of the best ways to stay connected to family, it can harm a senior’s mental health if on it for too long. Cut the cord with Facebook and reconnect with nature, get outside and soak up some rays while inhaling some oxygen-rich air. This is the time to take in the scenery and appreciate God’s gift to us. In addition to helping you unwind, spending time in nature offers numerous tangible health advantages, such as reducing stress and improving cardiovascular health.

Always Try to Exercise

Even if a senior has limited mobility, they can still get outside with the right help and do exercises with the right supervision. If a senior is concerned about movement or is unsure how to start exercising, it is imperative to talk to a healthcare professional. Every senior should always be talking to a doctor about their health problems and what exercises are okay. 

Spend Time with Family and Loved Ones

Practicing self-care comes in all forms, and one of the ways that many seniors love it is by seeing their family and friends. Those living alone or in a retirement community may be more susceptible to feelings of loneliness and isolation than those with a support system nearby. Loneliness makes it difficult to take care of oneself and decreases motivation to engage in pleasurable activities. To avoid loneliness, scheduling to see your senior loved one once or twice a week may help them maintain their mental health while aging.

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