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Can Home Care Assistance Help After a Surgery?

Home Care Services Riverview, FL: Seniors and Surgery
Home Care Services Riverview, FL: Seniors and Surgery

Your dad is going in for heart surgery. You want to make sure he’s supported while he heals, but you live in another state. Have you looked into home care assistance?

He Has Help With Housework

After surgery, your dad’s not supposed to lift, push, or pull heavy items for several weeks. He needs someone else to do the laundry, vacuum carpets, sweep floors, and make beds. A caregiver can do the housekeeping and laundry for him.

His caregiver can wash the dishes, put clean dishes away, wipe down counters, and dust surfaces. As he heals, he needs a germ-free environment, so his caregiver can make sure germy items like phones, remotes, door knobs, and faucet handles are sanitized each day.

Someone Else Cooks Meals and Prepares Snacks

Hire a caregiver to prepare your dad’s meals and snacks. His medical team probably recommended a diet that’s low in sodium, added sugar, and saturated fat. If he’s not used to reading labels at the grocery store and cooking heart-healthy meals, it can be frustrating.

Have him work with a paid caregiver to come up with weekly menus and take him shopping. His caregiver can read the fine print on labels for him. Back at home, his caregiver prepares the meals he’s supposed to eat.

Personal Care Services Help With Showers

Talk to a home care assistance advisor about personal care. For the first week or so, your dad may feel better having someone to hold on to while stepping out of the shower. As he regains strength and balance, he’ll rely less on his personal care aide.

After he’s showered, his caregiver helps him dry off, applies moisturizer, and assists him as he gets dressed. His caregiver can also brush his hair, shave his face, and apply deodorant. If he needs help brushing and flossing his teeth, that’s another aspect of personal care.

Caregivers Ensure He Gets to His Appointments

Your dad isn’t supposed to drive for a while. You’re not close enough to drive him, so that’s been stressful. Hire caregivers to provide transportation to and from his doctors. His caregiver can help him into the office, wait for him to be done, and bring him home.

You Get Updates

With home care assistance, you get regular reports updating you on how your dad’s doing. If he has appointments coming up, his caregivers let you know how things go. Plus, your dad has his caregiver’s help to call you so that he can tell you how he’s feeling and what he’s been up to.

Once you know your dad is going in for surgery, contact a home care agency. Ask about the prices, services, and benefits of home care assistance while your dad’s body heals.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Home Care Services Riverview, FL , please contact the caring staff at R.B. Home Health Services, Inc today. 305-220-6309

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