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Home Health Aide

elderly holding a cupThe home health aides of Healthy Services of Tampa, Inc. can be your assistant in helping you with tasks in and around the house. We want you to focus on getting better and that is why we offer aide services so you can do just that.

Services may include:

  • Bathing, grooming and personal hygiene assistance – we offer assistance to patients who have mobility issues with their grooming and hygiene needs. This includes skin care, oral hygiene, nail care, etc.
  • Companionship – we know that old age makes a person prone to isolation and depression, which is why we offer companionship services. Our home health aides are willing to accompany a client for the day to converse with, do activities with, or have walks with.
  • Light housekeeping – we offer light housekeeping services to clients who are incapable of managing their household needs.
  • Meal preparation – our staff also offers meal planning and preparation to ensure proper diet is observed and health is maintained.
  • Medication management – our competent healthcare providers can assist with medication management and reminders to ensure a patient is taking medication properly and on time.
  • Mobility assistance – we can assist injured, weak, immobile, or disabled clients move from one place to another.
  • Blood pressure and temperature monitoring – our trained healthcare professionals such as nurses or nursing aides can monitor vitals and make sure everything is normal.
  • Dedicated attention and general supervision of health – we ensure personalized care and assistance for the overall improvement of health and well-being.
  • Bathing – We assist our clients who have a difficult time bathing or showering by themselves. We ensure that they are properly cleansed and we lessen the risk of accidents by helping them move around their bathrooms.
  • Skin care – we offer skin care services and advice to our clients especially the elderly. This includes ensuring they use sun block when stepping out into the heat and ensuring their diet consists of skin revitalizing foods.
  • Oral hygiene – We assist in maintaining good oral hygiene among our clients. Good oral hygiene is vital in maintaining good health.
  • Nail care – The nails can be a hotbed for germs and other bacteria. We ensure proper nail care among elderly who are more prone to infections and diseases.
  • Home exercise program – aside from physical therapy, we offer basic home exercise programs to help clients maintain health and fitness.
  • Ambulation – we can also assist clients with their transport needs and requirements.
  • Simple wound care – cleaning, dressing, and monitoring wounds for infections is also offered.
  • Bowel program – our professional staff understands the importance of regular and efficient bowel movement. We offer a bowel program for clients who require it.
  • Catheter care – proper catheter care is vital to avoid risks such as urinary tract infections, which is why our dedicated healthcare staff provide extensive catheter care.
  • Light meal preparation – A healthy diet is vital to recovery and health. We prepare light meals or snacks to help maintain a good and balanced diet among our valued clients.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to give us a call at 813-932-9922. If you would like to be assessed at home or meet us for a consultation, please Schedule an Assessment online so we can accommodate you.